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Our Brewer Lyna

Lyna fell in love with craft-beer while living in Portland, Oregon. When she came back to New Mexico, not knowing craft-beer was emerging here, decided to learn how to brew beer. And so taking it upon herself, did!

After joining the local home brewers group, Dukes of Ale , she was mentored by a friend and started entering competitions and later judging to find out “what a good beer was.”

After she started brewing, she won second at the State Fair in 2015 for a Vienna Pilsner. Then, a trip to Belgium changed every thing and she started her experimentation with Flanders, Flanders Red, Saisons, Belgian quads more.

Thanks to Lyna, The 377 is home of “The Spontaneous Sour-Beer Program.” The sour beers are made by Lyna at an off-site barrelhouse. “Anything new for me is very exciting,” she said. “My weekends are spent at the cellar just blending. There’s a masterful art of blending, and I learned that in Belgium. I even took a blending class. And I never thought beer should be blended, because beer there was always a style, and if you blended a beer, you had made a mistake, so before I went to Belgium, I didn’t know anything about blending beer or why one would do it. But now, you should see: I’m blending this, and I’m blending that.”

Lyna’s creative take on brewing and quest for knowledge in all brewing techniques sets her apart from the average brewer. “We believe she is the best around!” – The 377 Owners

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